Spring Newsletter 2006


A spring Newsletter...                                                    March 18/06
Just thought I would bring everyone up to date on how See Spot Smile is doing. 2005 came and went - it seems so quickly!  We had many ups and downs. The downs mainly being financial and the ups being rescues and placements. We assisted in placing many Dals including some on the mainland.

Cassie who came to us in 2004 found a forever home in the Fall and is doing great.

Ryker (AKA Striker) or Mr.Malarky, Terd and Spring Bean-which he does to get fed.... he came to us in March of 2005 and is still with us. He has done an absolute 180 and then some! Just goes to show us it CAN be done! He no longer chases the horses... well, it took a canine tooth to be knocked out to learn that didn't it, Rykie! 

Dukie (AKA Pinky) our little hypothyroid boy is doing great! He came through the year with only a scratch on his head and a few grass stains.

Rosco is 10 this year! We can hardly believe it -  he's a little more accident prone and the Vet always wonders why he's constantly seeing MY dogs and not the rescues!  LOL  After a broken toe, a few Aural Hematomas, a nail bed infection and a bladder infection. I think he's good for a while... or else he needs to get his own job!

Max AKA Marx, Old Man or Smiley. He is who we named the rescue after because he does just that, unfortunately he doesn't seem to do that anymore. His days are numbered and I find myself poking him to make sure he's still 'with us'. With his long list of health issues the muscle atrophy in his hind end has caused him to no longer be able to rise without assistance. I sadly doubt he will be able to see and enjoy a warm summer.

Feisty our little mainland gal is still in foster care with Keri and Joe in Campbell River.  Bless them for the great job they're doing with her she looks great!  But she needs a forever home!

I have also been in contact with a lady on the mainland who has a very fit 10 yr old Female, Spayed black and white Dal named "Summer" in need of a home.  She will be on our site on Pet finder shortly.


Thank you to the following people for your help...
First off, my husband for his extreme patience, countless 'play times' and financial support (the stuff he knows about and the stuff he doesn't);  my parents for the mental, emotional and financial support;  my brothers for their 'babysitting' time, adoption of a Dal, and the ever needed crate;  to Dr. Van Dyck for the endless free examinations and the gas money to pick up Ryker from Victoria; Sheryl Riley of course!-stop keeping all the Dals you foster! LOL;  Jill -who got me in DEEP! LOL;  Keri and Joe for Fostering; Ron & Kilby for all the encouragement and wise words;  Rob & Lorri for your trust & help with Ryker;  Stefanie for the generous donation and broad shoulders;  all the staff at Courtenay Vet Clinic for the many Urine tests and 'freebies';  all my great house sitters (scared or  not!) Jen, Shannon, Bonnie, and Ali;  our agility instructor Joanne for her patience and trust in me to bring new dogs into her class and for the Growl classes and aggression videos;  Darleen -actually letting us into her dog obedience classes; the SPCA for working along side me;  Lorraine for the dog food and socialization sessions, and all those who have ridden with me to them and especially their horses who put up with the 'herd' of crazy Dals! and all you poster putter-uppers! and countless others who have helped along the way! I'm sure I've forgotten some, I'm sorry. THANK YOU!!!  We couldn't have done it without you!

Today we had a very successful day at the opening of the Oyster River Fire Hall! Got some great shots! Thanks for coming with Feisty, Keri! They were all good Dals! Nothing like a tired Dal to make a good Dal! We'll forward some pictures.


As usual we still need donations, items donated to sell or use, food and car rides! Foster and Forever homes always needed!


Thanks again, please continue to make 2006 possible.

Jennifer A. Winder

Jennifer Winder (RAHT)
See Spot Smile Vancouver Island Dalmatian Rescue
Finding permanent Pals for unwanted Dals...




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