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The following information is provided with the intention of matching up the right owner with the right breed of dog.  If you want to see if a Dalmatian would suit your lifestyle, then read on....

Basic History...

The Dalmatian, also known as the "fire dog" or "coach dog", got its name for running alongside the horse drawn fire carriages in the 18th century in Europe.  They developed a dog that had long legs for a long stride and strong feet to handle long distances on the roads.  They had to have the endurance to keep up with the horses.

Some Facts...

  • A Dalmatian's life span is usually up to 15 years or more.  That means that this high energy dog could be puppy-like for most of his life!
  • Deafness can be a hereditary problem in some Dals, either full or partial, in one or both ears (this makes training critical for the safety of the dog)
  • Some Dals are prone to urinary crystals and urate stones caused by diets high in certain proteins.
  • Shedding!!!  Yes, they do shed 365 days a year.
  • Floppy eared dogs are more prone to ear infections.  Routine cleaning is helpful.


On a Positive Note...

  • You will have a best friend for life with 100% unconditional love and lots of it.
  • Dals like to be involved in your life...in every way...all the time!
  • They'll force you to stay fit.
  • They are generally friendly with other dogs and children.



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