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Jenn and Keeper


As a Registered Animal Health Technician for the last 12 years and with over 30 years of experience and education with the Dalmatian breed, I am excited to share my knowledge of this versatile breed.  I got my first Dalmatian "Sparky" when I was just 8 years old.  He was just shy of 16 when he died and we were still jogging 5 km and going on horseback rides before he passed.  He was amazing and thus started my spotted addiction for life.  He passed just prior to the first Disney Dalmatian movie coming out.  I went on to rescue two Dals after that - Reuben and Rosco - where I began to get involved in Obedience and Agility training as well as community dog events and local Fire Hall functions.  My goal was to get the breed known in the community and set a good example with my Dals as good canine citizens.  From there I went off to start my Veterinary Technician schooling so I could gain as much knowledge as possible in the medical and nutrition field.  When I returned to the island I adopted Duke who played an important role in assisting in the rehabilitation of many troubled Dals.  I could not have done it without him.  From there I went on to adopt and re-home many others including Ryker who became my Dock Diving Dal.  Today I am still very involved with working my Dals in Obedience, Agility and Tracking.  I also have experience training obedience from horseback, Rally O, and maybe we'll even try some freestyle work.  Working as a Technician and working closely with local shelters has kept me closely involved with rescue.  While I am fond of many breeds, I chose to narrow my love for dogs to the Dalmatian due to my experience and the great need to rescue this misunderstood breed.  My rescue partner, Sheryl, and my family have helped me to continue in rescue today - Blessing.


We are always looking for experienced Dalmatian people to assist in transport, foster care, home checks, etc......


Contact Jenn:

Campbell River, B.C

250-650-4477   or                                         

  Email Jenn


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Sheryl and Daisy


I adopted my first Dal, Bandit, in 1996, and so, I fell in love with the Dalmatian breed.    He was 4 years old at the time and had already been in 4 homes.   In at least one of the homes, he had suffered from abuse and severe neglect.  He was a wonderful dog and he opened my eyes to the plight of unwanted Dalmatians.  When he died in 2003, I wanted to help other Dals who found themselves in bad situations through no fault of their own.  I live in the Okanagan Valley.


Contact Sheryl:

Peachland B.C.

250-767-6780   or                                     

 Email Sheryl



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