Ode to Rosco

© Jenn Winder


An Ode to Rosco...

In loving memory, may you rest in peace…


On July 19th  2006 at approximately 4pm Rosco lost his battle to Lymphatic Cancer. In 6 weeks he went from coming on 10k rides to barely being able to walk, from 60 –40lbs. 3 Veterinarians later, 5 Laboratory send-outs and 6 different medications later including Chemo, his little frail body let go forever. Rosco died at home alone in his bed, with his other 2 Dal friends. Never underestimate your gut feeling about something your dog is trying to tell you…You were so brave my Skippy friend.


Your first year of life wasn’t so grand,

Abuse and neglect came at first hand.

Cringing at loud words, cowering at the broom,

Even fear peeing when we entered the room.

Assuming the worst would become of you,

Because that’s what society taught you to do.

But you tried very hard to trust us whole hearted,

Bound to convince you we all aren’t evil minded.

In no time at all (and with a little professional advice),

You decided we were worth a roll of the dice.

A dog-anality was there, hidden under the baggage,

And you quickly developed into a priceless package.

Obedience and Agility, titles and ribbons,

You didn’t care as long as there were nib-lins.

Not bad for a backyard bred, trailer park boy,

You showed those fancy dogs and did it with joy.

Beauty was yours, but grace didn’t always have-it,

Fishhooks and glass - always running into havoc.

The broken toes, the bruises and stitches,

Experiencing life in the fullest and all of its riches.

Grapefruit and Oranges you’d beg and drool for,

And even howl a good song, too cute to ignore.

From fetching sticks in the pond, to chasing gulls off ‘your’ beach,

To catching your own fish in the river, nothing was out of your reach.

That rabbit made it through the gate, but you couldn’t fit,

At mach 10, you're lucky only your eye got a scar on it.

Trampled by the horse, you just shouldn’t have chased,

Never did you slow, even if it was trouble you faced.

You kept me going when I was being lazy,

And helped me study through college so I didn’t go crazy.

Under the covers in Alberta you kept me warm,

And when I was sick…you rode it out with me through the storm.

Guarding the house when others did not,

Riddin’ Deer of the garden, and Ravens off the lot.

You had that perfect Dal form, and hocked up like a pro,

Skippy you were amazing and you let it show,

Flushing Grouse from the brush, and bears off our trail,

I always felt safe with you at our tail.

No one or no dog did I ever connect with so well,

I never had to speak, you just always could tell.

You went everywhere and did anything I asked,

At work or play, at my side was where you basked.

Licking my eyes dry clean of tears,

Your deep happy moans voided my fears.

An ear rub or two was all you desired,

And to be on the couch when your day was expired.

Your big brown eyes with the fish shaped spot, ears soft as satin,

Your feet really did smell like popcorn, your tail was always tappin’.

Now all I have are memories galore,

So many good ones I cannot ignore.

The thoughts and pictures just aren’t enough,

My life without you will be so incredibly tough.

Some don’t understand this human-dog bond,

I pity them to be without a love so fond.

I had so much planned that we needed to do,

More world to see, if only you knew.

Nine years together wasn’t enough my friend,

I’m just glad I was with you until your end.

You weren’t very old, so fit and full of life, it really isn’t fair,

For Sparky, Marx & Reuben, God must have needed you up there.

But I must stay here my friend, for my job is not done,

More Dallies like you need their battles won.

You’ll have no more pills, injections or pain,

Only peace and joy. And new friends to gain.

Survived by your adoptive brother and pal,

Who like an angel protected you well.


Thank you Rosco for teaching us all how to love better,

Live better, play harder, try harder, be softer and braver…

I love you my friend, my buddy, my son,

Rest in Peace…I’ll see you soon.